Farmer's Market


Mineola, Texas Main Street Farmers Market


Market Dates: Every Saturday, MAY  6th through October 

Market Hours: 8:00 am - noon

or later (rain or shine)




Vendor Registration and Fees

All vendors must submit a completed and signed release of liability

Fee. $10.00 if Main Street provides a table. No other fees will be assessed .

The Mineola Main Street Farmers Market Board reserves the right to refuse participation to any applicant.

Vendors must be fourteen years of age or older.

Vendors submitting an application must provide a list of items to be sold. The submitted list will be examined and approved or disapproved by the Market Manager. Tell us how you want to be listed for advertising purposes.


Vendor Selling Spaces

Selling spaces are not reserved. They are available on a first come first serve basis. Late arrivals are subject to a specified location for set up.

Vendors may set up between 7:00 am and 7:30 am and be ready to do business when the Market opens at 7:30 am. There will be no sales to the public before 7:30 am.

Vendor’s product and signage must be contained within the selling space unless otherwise approved by the Market Manager.

Vendors shall maintain a courteous and professional manner at the Market.

All Vendors must leave their selling space clean. Commercial items cannot be sold at the Main Street Farmers Market.


MMSFM Vendors Rules/Regulations

Producers may sell farm, garden and food products including but not limited to: vegetables, eggs, fruit, meat, dairy, nuts, flowers/plants, cheese, jams, jellies, relishes, honey, canned and baked goods. All others must be approved by the Market manager.

There will only be small agricultural animals (i.e. chickens, rabbits, ducks) sold at the Farmers Market and they must be approved by the Market manager.

All products must be of high quality. Repeated complaints about the quality of a Vendor’s product may result in termination of selling privileges.

All arts and crafts must be handmade and/or original items by the artist. The Farmers Market Board reserves the right to the inspection of said items.


Vendor Responsibilities

Vendors are responsible for their children and guest (s) at all times. Do not allow your children to run freely through the Market, to disrupt other vendors or customers. Children must be supervised at all times.

Each Vendor will be responsible for obtaining a Sales Tax Number if required by the State of Texas and shall be responsible for collecting and paying any sales tax that may be assessed on his or her products. The Vendor shall be responsible for filing any and all returns required by the State of Texas with respect to sales tax collection.

It is the responsibility of each Vendor to abide by all state and federal regulations which govern the production, harvest, preparation, preservation, labeling and/or safety of products offered for sale at the Market. Vendors are liable for their own products. The City of Mineola, Farmers Market Board, and/or the Farmers Market Manager shall not be held liable for the products offered by vendors. Product and liability insurance are the responsibility of the producer.

Vendors are responsible for the merchandise, security and liability of their selling space and persons. Vendors shall indemnify and hold harmless The City of Mineola, The Main Street Board, Farmers Market Volunteers and the Farmers Market Manager for any and all loss or damages that may occur through their participation with the Mineola Main Street Farmers Market.



The City of Mineola has the right to change the rules as deemed necessary or discontinue its use as approved.


MMSFM Vendors Rules/Regulations


Other (Continued)

The Farmers Market Manager or his/her designated agent shall have supervision and control of the activities of the Market and the designated Market area, and as such has full responsibility for enforcing all rules and regulations as set forth herein.

If necessary, the Mineola Main Street Market Board reserves the right to field inspections to verify the source of produce offered for sale.

Should a Vendor or community participant feel their rights at the Main Street Farmers Market have been violated in some way, or feel that another vendor or someone else has acted outside of their authority or in a way that harms the MMSFM as a whole, the following steps should be taken:

1. The grievance or concern should be put in writing and include a clear and specific description of the problem and the name(s) of the person involved, a description of the ways in which the person has attempted to resolve the matter (if appropriate), and at least two courses of action that would satisfy the writer (if appropriate). These should include but not limited to:

a. Mediation between involved parties.

b. Determine that the issue does not warrant formal steps to resolve it and should be handled through other channels.

2. Copies of this correspondence should be sent to the Mineola Main Street Farmers Market Board and to all persons involved in the grievance or concern. This must be a signed correspondence.

3. The City Administrator has final authority in deciding the outcome of the grievance.